About Brock Wagner Reptiles

Brock Wagner & FamilyHere at Brock Wagner Reptiles we strive to provide the best reptiles to our customers. I work with ball pythons but I am going to be branching out into other reptile projects. My number one concern is that everyone of my customers is happy with their purchase and the snakes that I provide to them thrive and produce for them.   I want my customers to know that I am there for them and value them!

It all started for me when I was 18 years old. I was the kid who was always hunting snakes and I have caught my fair share of bull snakes and garter snakes here in the wonderful state of Nebraska. When I went to college I finally had the opportunity to get a python. I purchased a Burmese Python and fell in love. But after two years and being in college and moving constantly I had to get out of Burmese for obvious reasons. It wasn’t until I was 26 when I discovered Kingsnake.com and saw all the ball python morphs that I said I had to get back into keeping reptiles.

The first morph that I purchased was a Spider ball python and it costs me $15,000 which to me was a lot of money. I had to take out a second loan on my house to afford the Spider male. I studied every forum and every breeders recipe on breeding this wonderful species of snake and in 2004 I produced my first spiders. I was hooked. I then invested in a Lesser Platinum and produced from him in 2005 and the rest is history. I love this wild ball python market! It truly has changed my life forever and I am just as addicted as the next person on getting a new snake or a new morph that I don’t have in the collection yet.

If you are looking for good quality healthy snakes please contact me as I would love to get you the right snake. If I don’t have the snake in stock I have a list of contacts that I can get whatever morph you are after. I have been selling snakes for several years now and I do several major reptile shows every year.   I always have a table in Daytona at the National Reptiles Breeder Expo in August and I also do the Tinley Park show in Chicago in Oct and you can usually find me in Anaheim California at that NARBC show.  If you are a avid ball python collector and you are looking for that next new snake please contact me and give me a chance to hook you up.  I specialize in newest ball morph’s and cater to the high end customer!