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Anaheim and new Price List

Posted: September 27th, 2012 | News

I know I haven’t been on top of my blog like I should be.   Sorry about that.   Too much going on and also trying to live a little of a life.   I had a great time in Anaheim and it was a awesome time hanging out with all my old friends.   Drinking to my Stone Brewery beer can make a guy sick though.   Damn that is some good stuff.   Oh and it is also good to know that the Scanners at John Wayne Airport are top notch!    At least I feel somewhat safe when flying these days.   The show was great on Saturday made some good sales so that was good.  

I am revamping my collection right now for the future.   Thinking of what it is I want to make in three years and what is going to be hot.   It is tough with so many people having so much stuff nowadays.   There is a lot of product out there and some people are determined to make ALL ball pythons corn snake prices.   It is sad but I see the future and I have to plan ahead.  Now is the time to do that!   I have some great stuff that I want to make in the future and it is going to be desirable so that is my master plan.  He he.

I am hatching out some great stuff right now.  I have my first GHI’s going to crawl out on Monday.   I am very excited for that.   The mother was a Fire so we will see if I get a Fire GHI.  I am not sure if that combo has been done yet.   It is probably has as the GHI has been crossed into everything right now.   But I will check.   I have some awesome clutches coming out in the next three weeks so watch my Facebook page real closely for updates.   Speaking of that I am going to put a availabilty list on there today.   If you see something you like contact me and we will see if we can make a deal.   I am going to leave out prices on the list so let me know if you have interest in something I have. 

I can also bring snakes to Tinley Park in three weeks.  I am going to the show and I can’t wait.   There are some people I can’t wait to meet.   I don’t think they want to meet me but I am looking forward to seeing some of the internet commando’s in person.   Also I will be brining Chris Zarnick with me.   He is the guy who takes all of those awesome photo’s of my snakes.  He is also designs banners and T-Shirts for me.   And he is one of my best friends and all around great guy.   He should have his camera on hand and he might just might take some great photo’s of your snakes for a small fee.   Contact me if you intersted in that service.   He is working on some new T-Shirt designs right now and they are going to be stellar.   Hopefully you might see something on my list and I can bring to Tinley for you.   Banana’s and GHI’s hatching now here so let’s make a deal!