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Terms Of Service

Guarantee of Safe Arrival and Health
I will be responsible that the snake that you purchase will get there safely and healthy. I will refund all snake sakes as long as the customer contacts me within 24 hours and lets me know that there is a problem. I guarantee that all snakes that I ship will be healthy and thriving. After they are in the customers care my responsibility ends. The customer is responsible for his and her husbandry after they take possession of the animal. I have no problem providing advice to my customers on the best way to care for their snakes. If the customer is unhappy with snake they need to let me know within 24 hours otherwise I assume you are happy with the purchase. I ship via next day air Fedex and I am also a verified Delta Dash shipper. On all orders over $15,000 I prefer to do Delta Dash as they snakes will get there faster and it is less of a headache to me.

I take payment many different ways. I accept checks, money orders, wire transfers and I accept credit cards through . Contact me for my paypal address so you can send funds that way. All checks will be held for one week to clear the bank so there are no problems. After I receive payment I will work out a reasonable time to ship that works for both of us. I do work a full time job but I make every effort to make sure you get your snakes when you want them.

Payment Plans
I also offer payment plans on the snakes that I produce. I don’t offer them on any of the animals that I broker. They require payment in full upfront. I do take payment plans on animals that I produce. I require a 20 percent non-refundable deposit. If at any time you can’t go through on the payment plan I do keep this initial 20% payment. I will work out payment plans with each individual customer but I would like to keep them to 4 months. I will go longer on orders that are $2000 and more. When your 4 months are up I will contact you and ask you if you want to continue with the payment plan. If you say no I will refund all money less the 20 percent of the agreed on price of the snake. My pricing is very flexible and I will work hard with my customers to make sure that they get a fair price on the snake that they purchase. You will find that my prices are very fair.

International Shipping
I can sell to International customers as I have done so in the past. They are responsible for contacting a International shipper in the United States that I will send the snakes to and they can ship them to the customer. I am not set up to ship out of the country. If you are looking for a International Shipper contact me and I will try to contact one for you to assist in the process

Again thanks for doing business with Brock Wagner Reptiles. We appreciate your business and look forward to repeat customers.

Brock Wagner