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Babies and Daytona Prep

Posted: July 29th, 2013 | News

Hey everyone I thought I better get a blog post up.   It is has been busy and exciting over here.   I have baby snakes and more hatching and I am happy to see them.   You work all year long and you try so hard to make cool babies and no matter what life will throw you a curve ball.   Trust me I know.   I have been working hard and keeping my nose to the grind so it should pay off in the long run.

I am pretty much done breeding except for my Banana het Pied male is breeding.   I am probably going to put him to a little work.   We still haven’t seen the Banana Pied yet so hopefully I get lucky.   I know that Banana’s are coming down in price.   It happens and with the male maker genetics it was going to happen faster than later because of all of the male production.   We knew it would.   Contact me if you want to work something out on one.   I have plenty of Banana’s and combo Banana’s.   I am willing to work out payment plans and good cash deals.   I also have GHI’s and combo GHI’s.   So give me a shout if you want one.   It has been a pretty good season so far.   I am hatching out a Mojave GHI Enchi soon.   It looks cool in the egg. 

I also have some odd and ends.   Het Clowns and two het Candy’s just hatched out.   I have some more clutches of het Candy stuff that will be out soon.   Contact me if you are interested.   I am also busy getting ready for Daytona in three weeks.   Please come by and say hi or buy a snake.   Ha Ha I sound like a broken record.   Seriously though I should have some great stuff so pleasse make a point to come over and check out the tables.   We will be wheeling and dealing.    It is actually what I love to do.   It took me forever to figure it out but I think making deals is what I am really addicted to in life.   I know I shouldn’t admit it.  

Anyway stay tuned to my Facebook page as I have been very active over there.