Babies are coming!

Posted: May 7th, 2011 | News

I thought I would take a picture of my new incubator with some clutches in it.   Things are coming along very nicely as you can see by how many clutches there are in there.   I use such a big box that sometimes I can put two clutches in one box.   I just ultrasounded on Weds of this week and lets just say that it is going to be a great year.  I am looking forward to hatching some great stuff.

The first clutch is hatching right now.  It is from a Pastel female that has laid every year for the last six for me.   She was bred by my Banana male.   I can’t wait some holdback Pastel Banana females.   I need them for the future combo’s that I have in mind.  

Our Desert year is going a little slower this year.   It looks like this fall is when I am going to have Desert production.   Things are going a little late on that.  Sorry!    I do have a five egg clutch from Desert Spider het ghost male to Pinstripe het ghost female.   Bring on a Desert Spinner Ghost male!    That would rock!   I don’t think that I could get that lucky.   But hey I can dream right.    I will have plenty of Phantom Potions this year.   So let me know if you want one.   I only plan on hanging onto a couple of females and I am going to sell the rest.  

I promise pictures of my new car are coming.   The clear bra just got replaced on it and Chris is going to detail it and then take tons of professional pictures of it.   I can’t wait.  I love driving that thing!   I am off to the Henley Dorley Zoo today.   My two year old and me need to bond in front of some animals today.  It will be fun.   She loves the fish so I can’t wait to see her freak out over everything!