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Babies are here and more

Posted: July 6th, 2010 | News

Here is a picture of some of the baby Banana’s that I have produced this year. They are just awesome! I can’t get enough of looking at them. I wish I had more to be honest. I have females for sale but no males. Most people have gotten that hint but some still have not.

If you want a Pastel Banana female or Banana female let know I have them! Money talks you know the deal. I have also hatched out some SpinnerBlasts and such. My good friend Brad Boa is now producing us Deserts and Tigers so I should have them available soon too. I have good clutch hatching this week. It is seven eggs from Ghost to Ultramel. I am hoping for 1.6 can you hope with me! I have three incubators going and I am making plans for the two shows that I am going to do. I hope that everything is going great for everyone who reads this!