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Baby Alexis and Happy Holidays

Posted: January 2nd, 2009 | News

What can I say. It has been a very busy holiday season here. So much has gone on I am not sure where to begin. First thing we had our first child Alexis Wagner who was born on 12-27-08. CTAL-TA She is healthy and a very happy baby. She is awesome.

I don’t have any experience around babies so this is a total learning experience for me. Luckily my wife knows what she is doing and even though it is her first child she looks like a pro! I have been trying to keep up with the reptile biz and it is has been a challenge. 70-357 I have got most of my young males to breed some of them still are shy. I ultra sounded the other day and I have some follicular development but nothing huge. I still need to make sure what male I am going to breed to what female. I have been just winging it lately. I did breed a Champagne het ghost to a Pinstripe het ghost this weekend. That should make a neat combo. Well gotta go I will update again hopefully on Sat!