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Bahamas and Hospital

Posted: January 16th, 2012 | News

My wife and I went to the Bahamas right after the new year.   We stayed at the Atlantis resort.   It was a very awesome experience.  I even left my iphone at home and didn’t take calls.  I really liked it.   It was weird being disconnected from the world but it opened my eyes a little how much you can get tied up into when you run your own business and work a job and have a family.   It can be damn tiring.   I saw tons of sharks and even snorkeled with them so that was very cool.   Things you don’t get to do here in Nebraska.  

Once we arrived home I became very ill.   I had to go to the hospital as I had a bad kidney infection and it had spread into my body.   I was very sick and even on Oxygen.   Wow that sucked.   I don’t think that my body is ever going to recover from all the tests that they did on me.   I hate needles and I was getting stuck on average 5 times a day.   Can you say ouch!   I am home now and getting back on my feet.   It might take me some time but I will get there.   I am not going back to the hospital that is for sure.

On the snake front I don’t have a ton of things going on.   My dad came down and helped me move out some old rodent racks that were going bad.  I got new stainless steel ones so we shall see how they hold up.   I was getting damn tired of all the floods that I was dealing with.   Rats and mice suck and we in this business have to deal with them everyday.

I don’t have much breeding right now.   I am not sure how my season is going to end up.   The last two years I have had just bang up great seasons.   Maybe I am due for a bad one.   To be honest I could use the rest.   It has been crazy!   But hey the success has been great.   Here is a picture of my Pastel Candy male breeding a het Albino girl.   I should make a good number of het Candy’s this year and Toffino’s.   I need to make my money back on that project so he is going to work hard over here.   Can you say 15 clutches from one male.   I can and he is going to do it.   He has the distance I can see that.  

I need to get some old males like my Super Phantom and Lesser Clown in the breeding mood.  It has been to warm here and we haven’t seen any snow.   I wish I had a foot of snow on the ground right now.   That is what I need.   Bring on the bad weather.   I know it sounds weird doesn’t it.   I am a snake charmer that is for sure.   I need to get my Banana project back on track.   It looks like I am going to have competition this year.   That is fine I will be competitive and still do just fine.   I laugh at all of the discussions that go on about the Banana project.  It really shows how many people want it.   Even those that have some want more!   It is the best thing ever to happen to the ball world.  It is like the Pastel it can be mixed into anything and make it better.   I am very happy that I was able to see how BIG this project really was going to be.   It has changed my life forever!