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Banana Woma and Ghost Banana and Breeding.

Posted: January 15th, 2011 | News

Everyone wants to see updated pictures of the Banana Woma.  Here she is next a Banana Ghost.   You can see that she is growing nicely.   Her colors look great and I just love how the orange just screams on her sides.   I can think of a ton more combo’s that I want to do with the Banana Woma. 

My breeding season is going pretty good.   I have recently ultrasounded and I have some great early clutches.   I had a surprise with a Blonde Pastel that is already at 26mm follicle size and she was bred only once by the Lesser Clown.   I can see some Blonde Pastel Lesser het Clowns in my future.  I think that the Pastel Lesser Clown is going to look great.   I have some other females that are already done or close to be gravid.   Some really surprised me.   I can say this the Mojave girls that I picked up in 2009 are great!  

The one male that has not been cooperating that well for me is my Desert Spider het Ghost.    He is very picky and will only breed certain females.   I have seen this before with males.   Then the next year they will breed anything.   I can say this , you just have to stay on it.  I have some other young males that are doing great.   I have one which will remain nameless that is rocking it out for me! 

I will blog soon on the birth of my daughter.   My wife Gretchen is due anyday now.  I have a Ozzy concert tomorrow and I can only hope that she doesn’t go into labor on Sunday night.  I am also anxiously waiting on the arrival of my new toy.   More on that later.