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Breeding Season and almost sold out

Posted: February 1st, 2014 | News

Man it has been forever since I wrote a blog.  I know I need to do this more often.  Sorry about that.  Always to busy it seems.  Anyway breeding season is picking up.  We should see some good GHI production and possibly even produce another Rainbow GHI.  Man if we hit on a male that is going to be a game changer if we can prove that gene out genetic.  It is just stellar in person to see.   Come by Tinley Park in March.  We will have our girl there to see.  

Also I should do ok on Candy stuff this year.  Every year I sell out of everything I produce on the het Candy’s and such so this year I am putting more of effort into producing more of it.  I should also produce visual Candy’s this year also.   That would be a first for me.   I am working on getting some younger males going and some are cooperating and others are not.  I am sure you know how that goes.  I am confident I should be able to pull off some cool stuff this year.   Cross my fingers.  

I am currently almost all sold out.  I am sure that you are following me on Facebook.  I post my of my pictures and snakes for sale over there.   I also keep people up to date on what I have going on.  So go and check it out.  I do auctions from time to time also so like my page and follow what I have going on.   I am leaving for vacation here soon.  We are going to Saint Martin.  I have never been there but I can tell you I need a break and I think that it is going to hit the spot.  

I hope that everyone’s breeding season is in full swing and that you are excited to see what 2014 brings for the Reptile Market.