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Breeding Season Update

Posted: March 1st, 2012 | News

Here is a picture of my Pastel Desert Ghost male getting ready to do his thang.  He has bred a few times now and he is a little guy.  I hope that he gets going strongly as I have a few Ghost’s girls waiting for him.  My breeding season is going very slowly.  I have a few gravid girls like a Mojave gravid from my Pastel Candy male.   He has knocked up three het Albino females also.  He is doing great.   That is a good thing as I have to make some money back from that project after being deceived.  Some people have no business ethics.  Is that where this business is heading?   I am scared sometimes where it is heading.

I am working with a bunch of young males and they are slowly starting to breed.   I think that I should get a few Banana’s this year with some luck.  If not I can wait until next year.  It just means that my collection will be stronger next year and produce more.  I think I needed a break after the last few years of everything going great.   It has been a whirlwind for me.  I need some time to catch up.

As some of you have seen I have had to deal with some very uneducated morons lately.   They don’t see this as business they see it has a hobby where they play with a few snakes and think that anyone who does this for money is bad.   They fail to see that we all got into this because we love snakes.   Now the fact that some of us have dropped big money and took BIG risks on projects and MADE them work and succeeded makes them very jealous.   It is something that I have been dealing with for some time.   You laugh and realize that they can’t comprehend where you are coming from.   Oh well.  

I think that I am going to sell one of my GHI males.   The bigger of the two.  Contact me if you are interested I think I am going to post him tomorrow that is if he is not sold by today.   After all that I have learned about how many are out there and what is going on with the project I feel that one male will suffice.   The ethics behind this project just blow me away.   Trust this people there will be a few GHI’s for sale this year.   Big breeders have them and are breeding them!   Can you say price adjustment!  

On that note I have to go do snake chores like usual.  On a side note my health his finally improving.   It only took two months.   Now if I could only survive paying my 2011 taxes next week.   Can you say ouch!