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Breeding Season Update! 3-24-14

Posted: March 23rd, 2014 | News

I am pleased to announce that me and Brad Boa are going to have het Sunset’s this year.   We have our Sunset male bred to some Albino’s and a Pied that is gravid.  We will be making Enchi het’s and Fire het’s also.  We are excited about the Sunset gene.   Something new and we can put the color red into morphs is very exciting.   Let’s face it something new and rare is just exciting.   I think that since it is a recessive it will hold it’s value well.   I love co dom’s but they do come down in price very fast.   Add a sex link issue where they produce all males and watch out.   We saw that already.   This project won’t behave the same.   Much more stable.   I also feel that the desire for Sunset’s and Sunset combo’s is out there.

I am also going to have more Banana Genetic Stripes and combo’s this year.   This will be my first year with the Blackhead gene and Blacklace gene.   I really like the Blacklace project.   I think that the dark colors are going to come out very well in color morphs.   We will  have to wait and see but I am excited about it.   I will also have het Candy stuff and visual Candy’s this year.   This will be my first year with visuals Candy’s.  I am excited.   Hell I paid $7500 each for my het girls.   We will also have Banana Clown’s in both sexes available.   I am stoked about that.   That is my favorite Banana combo to date.   Although I will have Banana Pieds this year.   So that my take my number one spot.   They look beautiful.

The Lava project is coming along for us this year.   I look forward to seeing what the Lava does when breed to certain morphs.   I am excited to see if it reproduces itself when breed to a normal.   We will see.  I will have regular Banana’s and a few GHI’s this year.   My GHI year is looking good.   I don’t know what they will be priced at but we should do ok with them.   All in all it is going to be a good year.   Oh and I forgot there might be a few surprises.  So stay tuned.

Before you go please go over to my Facebook page and like it.   And check out the pictures I put up of the Rainbow GHI.   People are loving that snake.   I was told by several big breeders in Tinley that they felt that was the best ball morph at the show.