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Breeding Season Updates

Posted: April 27th, 2012 | News

Here is a picture of me and Brad Boa’s GHI male breeding a Butter with good sized follicles.  We had one ovulation over at his place already from GHI so we will have them this year.  Can you say karma!    The male at my place has also been breeding.   He was locked up with a Ghost female last week and she is going to  go so I should make GHI’s het for Ghost and possibly something cool that has never been done.  That one is staying in the top secret file for now. 

We finally have clutches on the ground so that makes me very happy.   I can’t believe how late my year is going.  I will have a few cool things this year and of course Banana’s!   I should make some cool Enchi Champagne crosses also.  This year might not be my year but next year is going to rock.   It is amazing how me getting sick and using young males set me back so much this year.  I learned some lessons that is for sure.  But I feel confident that there is going to be some cool things being produced here this year.   It helps that I have a ultrasound so I have a good idea on what is going to happen.  I have never tried to be the biggest ball python breeder but I do strive on quality and customer service!  

I think that the market is doing good as I see people looking for high dollar snakes.  That is a great sign that the market is still doing great.   Don’t believe all the hype that you should wait on the purchase because they are going to keep being cheaper.  Watch Mike Wilibanks ball game video on YouTube.   Heed his words he is right.   It makes me laugh when people say I will wait and when they come down in price then I will get in.  A good friend of mine Marshall told me that about Champagne’s a few years ago and then recanted and said I should have just bought in then.   He would have made more money.   I didn’t get to where I am at now by being scared and saying I will wait for things to come down.  You have to take risks to win big.   I can say this about the snake business you can’t lose money if you produce.   It does take time and hard work but you will prevail if you stick with it.   I see so many give up or not do the work and then they fail.   It makes me sad but I can’t do it for them.   Hell I am even going to do ok on Candy/toffee stuff even after I was deceived about their true genetics.   Got eggs cooking now and I can’t wait to see the colorful babies.   I just love colorful snakes!