Breeding Updates

Posted: March 14th, 2013 | News

Sorry it has been some time since I blogged.   I am been super busy and I just got back from Cabo San Lucas.   I needed a vacation.   To much stuff going on all the time.  I know I did it to myself but damn I need to slow down.   The good news is that I got a break from the norm and that was very good.

I am going to have quite a few GHI and GHI combo’s available this year.   My GHI production is looking very good.  I am going to have some Banana stuff also so don’t worry.   My Super Phantom Spider male is proving to be real pain.  I am trying every trick in the book and he won’t breed.   Wish me luck on him.   It is looking like I am going to have some cool Ultramel stuff.   I have a Ultramel female that is gravid from my Mojave Banana male.   That one has me excited.   I should produce a Ultra Glow this year aswell.  

I need to fine tune my collection with all of the recent market changes.   There really is no need to produce clutches of snakes that no one wants.   I see how the market is very saturated right now and we are in March.   I see quite a few breeders getting out in the next two years.   Prices are coming down and things are changing out there.   I have already spoken how people can ruin markets.   Some people have no business sense.   I am very glad that I have stuck with my business model of low overhead and I do the work myself.   That really helps and it keeps things nice and small which is where I like it.   I think that there is still some cool snakes to be produce out there and I feel in two years that the market is going to bounce back.  It is just whether you can afford to weather the storm or not.

Now onto some cool new morphs and new morph combo’s.   I think that the Sunset project has huge potential and there is a few combo’s that I can think of off the top of my head that I want to do with that morph.