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Butter SpinnerBlast and Some other things!

Posted: January 3rd, 2011 | News

Well I am trying to keep this new website updated.  I told myself that I am going to work very hard this year putting new up new posts and available snakes.   I just got the Tiger female’s picture in the available snake page in her post.  I don’t have much for sale right now.   In four months I will.  

On that note please don’t email me and ask for a free snake I have had a few of those lately.  Come on I am in business and I am not going to give my product away.   Also don’t email 7 times in one year always offering the same snakes in trade for something high end.   I am not going to do it.   I sell snakes for money and I don’t trade unless it is something really special  I want.  You will know it if I want it.   I am not shy!    Please understand I sell snakes for cash or Euro’s or even Iraqi Dinars since Jimbo is now buying them!   Ha ha Jim I had to do it