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Ten Years!

Posted: October 19th, 2013 | News

I don’t know if you all remember but about a month ago I posted that I had a big announcement.   Well the time has come and I am proud to announce that I have been in a business for 10 years now.    I can’t believe that it was 10 […]

New Stuff

Posted: September 9th, 2013 | News

Hey everybody.  I can’t believe that people even read my blog posts anymore.   The industry has changed but I have people contact me weekly saying that they like to read my blog posts.   So hey I will give you some updates and speak about the market a little. Daytona was […]

Babies and Daytona Prep

Posted: July 29th, 2013 | News

Hey everyone I thought I better get a blog post up.   It is has been busy and exciting over here.   I have baby snakes and more hatching and I am happy to see them.   You work all year long and you try so hard to make cool babies and no […]

Look towards the Sunset!

Posted: July 4th, 2013 | News

I have been super busy and I just got back home from traveling.   I been finally hatching out some stuff.   I have had a slow start to the season.   I guess owning to business’s and having a full time job and pretty much drain a guy.   Wow I need two […]

Hatchlings and Eggs

Posted: June 6th, 2013 | News

First I hope that everyone that comes here and reads my blog goes over to my facebook page.  I am putting up pictures of females on eggs and babies that I have for sale there.   I feel that it is a good way to reach people.   I will get babies […]


Posted: May 7th, 2013 | News

I have some clutches cooking and that is great.  I have a couple of GHI clutches cooking over at BOA’s place and I have a few getting ready to lay over here.   I have a Enchi female who is going to lay anytime now and that is either Banana or […]

Breeding Updates

Posted: March 14th, 2013 | News

Sorry it has been some time since I blogged.   I am been super busy and I just got back from Cabo San Lucas.   I needed a vacation.   To much stuff going on all the time.  I know I did it to myself but damn I need to slow down.   The […]


Posted: February 1st, 2013 | News

Hey everyone I know that it has been a long time since I posted.   Sorry been busy and working hard to get my breeding season going.   Finally off to a good start.   Some younger males just need some extra love and attention to get them to go.   It does help […]

Snow Already!

Posted: November 26th, 2012 | News

3I0-012 dumps is not even December and it is snowing here.  I can feel a better year coming on already.   Last year I had a off year so this year is going to be a lot better.   We are hoping for a big year.  With prices going down I am […]

Spider GHI hatching out and new stuff

Posted: November 3rd, 2012 | News

I OG0-091 dumps just hatched out a Spider GHI male.   I liked the Spider Mojave GHI that Chun hatched out earlier this year.   I think that this Spider GHI male has some good potential.  This is my second to last clutch of the year.  I have my last clutch hatching […]