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Daytona and some Clutches

Posted: July 19th, 2012 | News

I got my tables booked for Daytona.  I am excited to go and I hope that I get some good cash paying customers to come up and buy some snakes at the show.   You never know.   I am excited to hang with my friends yet again.  I have two tables and I am getting new a banner made right now.  Make sure if you are at the show to come and see me.

I had my Coral Glow Pastel Woma lay egg today.  I got nine eggs from her and she is was bred by my Tiger male, Champagne Enchi male and last and not least my GHI male.   Can you say we are praying and hoping for GHI Coral Glows.   I am hoping for the best.  I am starting to get some good clutches finally.   This Fall is going to rock.   I can tell you that I have waited long enough this year for some good clutches.   This Fall I will have some good stuff.  

If you are looking for some het Candy stuff or Candino’s this year let me know.  I have some stuff hatched out.  Contact me if you interested.  I also got eight eggs from a Cinny female bred to Pastel Candy male today.