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Daytona and Updates

Posted: August 26th, 2012 | News

I had a good time in Daytona.   It was good seeing old friends.   The show was a little slow but I still did ok.   Made some sales and picked up some new snakes.   One of the cool things I came home with was a Mojave GHI male.   I have some awesome females that I am going to run him to next season.   Little bugger has seen three meals already so we are on our way.

I will be in Anaheim in three weeks.  So if you are in Cali and coming to the show make sure you say hi.   I am not sure how many snakes I am bringing out there yet but I should have a couple of cool things.

I also have some Lesser Banana males hatching out right now.  I got Lesser Clowns hatching out next week also.   The next two months are finally going to get exciting in the incubator.   I can’t wait.   It has been a late season but I will take it.   I have seen a ton of people hatch out some cool stuff this year and it sucks to sit on the sidelines.   I am happy to see that I got a couple of cool things coming!

I am also looking for adult female Clowns and het Clowns and adult het Pieds and Pied females.   So if you have those and I have something you want lets make a deal.