Daytona here we come!

Posted: August 16th, 2009 | News

Here is a updated wallpaper for anyone that wants one. It has the cool new Lesser Clown that I produced on there. I have 2.3 of them now and they rock the house! Speaking of this wallpaper I am making posters and I will be bringing them to Daytona with me for sale. They are going to sell for $10 each. Come get a Brock Wagner Reptiles Poster! They are free with the purchase of a snake!

Right now is the calm before the storm. I need to figure out what I am all bringing with me to the show. I have so much stuff. I really needed to get two tables this year. I should have just stepped up to the plate and got another table! I hope to have a nice spread this year so wish me luck. Last year I had a ton of people say that I had one of the best tables at the show! I hope that they can say that again!

On a side note if you were a person who produced like the second SuperStripe and bragged all over the Internet about it why would you need to buy a male from someone four years later? I guess money management and project management don’t go hand in hand with some people! Oh well the Tony’s of the world will never figure it out! Come stop by the table in Daytona and see what we got for sale. I am pretty sure that you will find something that you just are going to have to have! You can say hi also!