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Daytona Reptile Expo

Posted: August 26th, 2010 | News

It was a great show! I can’t believe how much success we had at the show. I have never sold so much common stuff off of my table as I did this year. It was great. I was overwhelmed on Sunday with the response from our customers. It was just awesome! The show as not that bad. Yes there was less people as before but the ones who showed up came to spend and that made the show great! I have spoken to several vendors and they said that they did well.

The few Boa guys that I talked to said their sales were slow. I saw some cool stuff down there also. I picked up another Platty Daddy while I was there and a Super Mojave Hypo female so that was cool. I tried to limit myself on how many new snakes I come home with now. My collection is getting too big! I had a great time with friends and it was great to talk snakes all weekend. I was told that my table had the neatest stuff at the show and I was very appreciative of all the nice comments. It was a ton of work but hey it was a GREAT SHOW!

My shirts and posters were also a big hit. Dave Green was the man, he became a poster selling machine! CJ was the man that goes without saying! I wish there were ten more like him in this world! Once we got Winston chained down he was a trooper too! Just kidding Winston! You guys are the bomb! Also I want to thank all of our customers that bought from us at the show, we really appreciate your business!

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