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Desert Spinner Male and Lesser Clowns Hatched!

Posted: June 23rd, 2011 | News

I had a minor surgery this week so I am trying to recover.   Gretchen is going to have to help me get all the snake chores done this week.   I hate being behind but I think that the two of us can get it all done by tomorrow afternoon.   We will see!

I just hatched out a clutch from my Desert Spider het Ghost male bred to a Pinstripe het Ghost female.   I have a Desert female out and a Desert Spinner male out.  I am not sure if he has ghost in him or not.  I am hoping he does but I can’t be certain just yet.   There is still a Desert in the egg but I don’t think that it is a Desert Ghost.  That would be cool if it was and it turned out to be a boy!  

I am also hatching out a ton of stuff right now.  I have Lesser Clowns hatching as I type this so that totally rocks.  I hatched them out in 2009 and was the first to produce them.  My Clown females took last year off so I didn’t make any last year.   But this year I am going to make up for it.  I have several Clowns that went that were bred by my Lesser Clown male.  People really want these and they love the Clown gene.  I also have some Mimosa’s coming out and two Champagne’s that are het for Lavender and Ghost.   Can they both be males!   If they are I am going to buy a lotto ticket.   Not that I ever need a excuse to gamble.  He He

I am very excited about the hatchlings and sold some snakes at the San Diego show this last weekend.  Thanks for the purchases from those customers and thanks to my good friend Josh Marki.   He always takes care of me and is a great friend.   This is the exciting time of year.  I am little bummed this week after the rumors have been put to rest the Toffee/Candy have proven to be compatible with regular Albino’s.   I have a good colony of that morph with a huge financial investment.   I have already figured out what I am going to do as far breeding goes so hopefully I can get my money back.   I knew that there was something going on the rumors were flying to hard and for to long.  It taught me a good investment lesson that is for sure.   I should follow my own advice more!   But I will be ok.   The Banana market is the best ball python morph ever and it will reign as the King for a long time.  Unless they find a neon blue ball python with neon green and yellow stripes on its back.   I can’t see that but hey if they do that one might trump a Banana.  

I will have a another blog post next week so stay tuned for all of the cool hatchlings that are coming out now!