Desert’s and addressing a few things.

Posted: September 10th, 2011 | News

I hatched out some Desert Spiders het Ghost this past week and I hatched out a Goldenrod or Ghost Desert male.   That is pretty cool.   My friend Josh gave them that name not me.   I do find it humorous though.   I had two more clutches laid this week and I think I only have two more to go.   I will hatching snakes in December by the looks of it.   That is cool.   I do love having the babies and they are damn pretty!   I have to raise up some males for this coming breeding season or next season is going to be a light one for me over here.   I could use a light one if you want to know the truth!   The industry has been wearing on me.

Anaheim has come and gone.   It was great seeing friends and hanging out.   I wish I could do that more.   Also California is a beautiful place.  I wouldn’t want to live there but it is nice weather and people are generally pretty nice there.  Not like the East Coast people. 

Now to address some issues.  First off in three weeks the last piece to the Banana puzzle will have hatched out and I can clear two things up at once.   I am very excited about this.  For everyone out there that is spreading rumors about me and the project I say good riddance.   The truth is the truth and these individuals will owe me a apology.   I know most of them don’t have the balls to do that.   I don’t want this project to turn into the Toffee/Candy project.  I was deceived on this one along with many others.   First I do like the morph and I am going to be working with working with it in great depth this next year.  I hope to make my money back on the project and not have to right it off as a loss.   I hope to be able to provide het’s and visual animals to people working with Albino’s that want to make a cool snake.   Some of us lost on the project and I understand others want to protect it.   I do respect that but what was done was done and you can’t ignore it or put it in the closet like some want to do.

Now for the last part.   A certain individual who I use to call a friend has been making statements about me and calling me Bernie Madoff.   I laugh at his posts and his accusations.  He thinks I attacked him.  I did not.  You never saw me post anything about him nor did I even pick up the phone for him.   He doesn’t deserve that much of my time.   I unfortunely  got tons of emails and phone calls about him and his pricing.   Hell I didn’t even know what he was pricing things at until the 20 phone calls came in.   I was in Daytona and trying to focus on my own business.   He probably was attacked by people that invested in the project.   They didn’t want the price of their Banana stock to go down.   I specifically told someone who spoke to both us I can’t stop people for selling their snakes for cheaper.   It is not my job.   My job is to produce snakes and then sell my babies.   This same person told me what this once friend of mine said.  He said that the certain individual has a bone to pick with me because he thinks I lied about the project.  He said that this person posted the way he did so he could throw it in my face.   Wow I said.   I told him I wasn’t the one getting all worked up.  Others were.   I guess people lose their minds sometimes when money is involved and people want glory in this business also.   I could care less about the glory.   I am here as a business and I am not going to deceive or screw anybody to make money.  In three weeks when I explain all of the Banana genetics a certain person who wants to be a Martyr will owe me a huge apology for the lies that he has spread about me.  

One last lesson in the ball industry.   Don’t offer a snake a lower price than your competitors and not think that the entire industry won’t find out.   It kills me that people think that everyone will keep their mouth shut.   On that note all I have to say to that certain person is welcome to the Banana project I have been dealing with it for three years!