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Posted: May 7th, 2013 | News

I have some clutches cooking and that is great.  I have a couple of GHI clutches cooking over at BOA’s place and I have a few getting ready to lay over here.   I have a Enchi female who is going to lay anytime now and that is either Banana or Mojave GHI sired.   I counted my snakes that are gravid and then I looked to see how many more I am still breeding.   I can’t believe how late my breeding years are becoming.   I have heard that it happens just hate watching it happen before my eyes.

I think that the market is going to be ok this year but we are in for a few hardaches and some breeders are going to get out.   With so many ball pythons being produced their prices have to come down for them all to find a home.   I think people who are breeding out of their houses and really enjoy producing them will last a few more years.   The big boys with warehouses and such are going to feel the crunch of feeding and taking care of thousands of snakes.   I enjoy what I do so that makes it ok for me.   Some days I wish I had a building with thousands of snakes but then I think to myself.   No I don’t want those headaches and I really don’t have the time.  I am so diverse now in my Enterprises that people who know me ask how do I keep track of everything.    Trust me I wonder myself sometimes. 

I wonder if people are finally going to see all the Banana’s that are produced this year and see that 97 percent of them will be males and finally shut up and say ok yes there is something to this.   It really makes me sad that the gene worked out this way.   Lots of males.   Next year I am going to focus on Banana females.   Those are going to be less comman and I think people are going to want them for Supers.  

Anyways I just wanted to get a quick blog in.   Stay tuned in a month for big news.