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Eggs and some great Ovulations!

Posted: March 22nd, 2011 | News

I have got my first clutch in the incubator.  I got seven eggs from a Pastel female that I bought back in 2005.   She has laid for me every year since 2006.  I wish that I had 20 more just like her.   I bet we all do.   The season here is going fairly well.   I wish that it could have been better but hey I have been through a lot this winter.  I guess I should be happy for what I am getting.

I have my next clutches due here in the next month.   I need to go and count and see what it is I am expecting over here this year.   Here is a picture of a Enchi female that is gravid from my Banana male.   I am anxious to see what they will look like.  They will probably resemble the Coral Glow Enchi’s!   More on that subject later. 

It looks like I should have good Desert production this year.  I sold a lot of them last year and I think that the demand is going to be just as high this year on them.   Talk about a great morph that just enhances everything it touches.   I don’t know about what the females do so please don’t ask me.   Time will tell on that one.  I think that is is a great morph and I am very grateful to be working with it.

I have some new ARS racks coming in soon so I have to make more room.   I have to get rid of some 13 high Animal Plastic racks to put these in their place.   Great more work.   Oh well it is fun.   I really like that water bowl design.  It is so easy drop in a cup and off to the next tub.  I might add another Incubator this year also.  That means two old ones go bye bye.  I can’t believe that I need more room.   When we built this house in 2006 I thought that it was so big.   Now I think man I should have built it bigger!   How did I know.

Please don’t contact me right now and ask me to quote prices for this year.   I won’t do it.   I don’t start quoting prices until I have the snakes out.   Talk to me this summer.  It is bad business and I have no idea what the market is going to be until I have the babies out of the egg.   Thanks for respecting me on this.   I am sure others will quote or even have ovulation sales.   I don’t do that.   I also don’t take deposits.   When I have the snake out of the egg we can work out a deal then.   I hope that this clears some things up.