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Facebook and News

Posted: June 22nd, 2012 | News

I am finally on Facebook.   You will see my 2012 available snakes for sale on there.   That is once I get it figured out.   Hopefully that will be by later today.   I will for sure be live and on there tomorrow.   I am excited and I think that it will help people stay connected to me.   I did just update the available page on this site aswell.

You will also see by the picture that I have a Pastel Clown that just laid eggs.   The Lesser Clown male or a F3 Banana male is the dad.   I am so hoping for a double sired clutch on this one.   That could really rock.   I have ultrasounded and I will have some cool stuff this Fall.   I can’t believe my season is going to be so late.   But hey late is better than never.   I am already making preparations on what I am going to do next year so that way I can hopefully have early babies again.   The Coral Glow Woma Pastel female just shed out so I will have eggs from her soon.   I can’t wait.   Also I think you might see a Banana Clown Lesser this year.   Things are really heating up over here. 

I just hatched out my first clutch which was seven eggs from a Het Albino to a Super Pastel Candy.   I got 1.2 Pastel het Candy’s and 1.3 Toffino’s.    I am going to call them Toffino’s since Candy and Toffee are the same gene.   I am excited that KARMA came into play and I got a Super Pastel Candy instead of just a Pastel Candy which is what I had purchased.   I am owed so much on this project you have no idea.   The baby’s will soon be on Facebook and my available page for sale.  Stay tuned.