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Finally stabilizing

Posted: September 23rd, 2009 | News

Man I am finally started to get caught up from the after show rush that I had. It feels good to get caught up and be able to take a breath. Here is a picture of a Coral Glow Spinner male that I hatched out. He is doing great and pounding mice so I am anxious to get him up to size.

I have had some bad clutches this season as well. I bred a Champagne het Ghost to a Ghost female and got 6 eggs. Out of the six eggs I hatched 6 normals I didn’t even get a Ghost. It happens she might be incompatible to. I will have to bred her again and find out.

I did make up for it today though. I have 6 eggs from another Ghost female with the same father and I hatched out a male Mimosa and I have five Champagne’s from 6 eggs and I think that they are all Mimosa’s. Talk about Karma on that clutch. I only have four more clutches to hatch and I am looking forward to it. Talk about work! Sixty clutches was one to many! It has been a great year though.

I can’t wait to see everybody in Tinley eventhough there will be people there that I don’t care for it is still going to be a great time! The Drama of the Reptile Business never stops let me tell you. I think I understand now why Ralph went underground. I love living with a Microscope over me all the time. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. In all honesty I getting over the drama if people want to talk smack oh well. There will always be haters. Truth be told they are just jealous! Get over it people we are just playing with snakes and should be grateful for everything we have!