Genetic Stripes

Posted: July 23rd, 2008 | News

I just produced four Genetic Stripes males this week. I bred my perfect Genetic Stripe male to a female Het Stripe that my friends at Eden Snakes had got from the SnakeKeeper and I produced these unique looking G Stripes. It is always exciting to hatch out G Stripes. I wish they were still 15K like they were when I purchased them! Oh well.

This brings me to a question that I am asked frequently. Are these snakes a good investment. I say yes. The first thing to remember is if you produce you will make money! Just remember when you purchase a high end morph work hard and spend some money on a good breeding stock of snakes. There is always going to be demand for morph ball pythons. It is a easy snake to take care of and they stay small. One of my Lesser Champagne’s just shed along with a Pinstripe Champagne so I will get updated pictures of them up after they shed. I hatched a BEL or Super Lesser male last week so after he feeds and sheds I will get pictures of him up as well.