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GHI breeding!

Posted: March 30th, 2012 | News

Here is a picture of one of my GHI males breeding.  The other male is with my good friend Brad Boa.  He has him almost breeding.   It appears that I should get some clutches of GHI’s if I am lucky.   Hopefully the demand is there for the morph.   I have a few customers lined up for them so it will be a few clutches before I have extra for sale. 

Go to Bush League and check out all of my 2012 breeding pictures.   It took me awhile to get some breeding going this year.   The weather didn’t cooperate as it was way to hot here in Nebraska this year.   I wish we would have had more than two snow storms.  I was also using young males this year and it took them quite some time to get them going.  I will have male and female Banana’s this year.  I will have Enchi Champagne’s and Champagne’s this year along with some Desert stuff.   My Pastel Candy bred like a wild man this year so I have het Candy’s and Toffino’s coming this year.   I am anxious to see what the genetics for that morph hold.   I do like them just shady marketing on the creators behalf. 

I will also have Puma’s and het Puma’s for sale.  Along with a few other small things.   It is going to be a ok year.  I have been super busy like always.  I am starting to geek out more about my snakes lately so that is good.  I got a new male in a few days ago that I like.   You will see him soon enough.   He is a surprise for now.