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Ghi’s and Update

Posted: February 4th, 2012 | News


Here is a picture of some of my GHI’s.   It was a morph that the creator tried to keep away from me but I got into the project anyway.   Go figure politics in the ball world.   Some people will never grow up.   Anyway I think I should be ok and produce some this year as I am using multiple males and I should make some cool combo’s with them.   Now please don’t email me asking me for prices on them.   I don’t quote prices on anything until I have babies out of the egg.   I get those emails all the time and it really annoys me.   I think people who quote prices before they have the snakes out of the egg are just plain stupid.   It hurts the market and it gives the vultures time to run around and tell everyone that such and such quoted me this.  And they go hunting for the lowest price and people start dropping their prices to compete.   Good job no market stability. 

My health is improving so that is good.  Maybe one of these days I will feel better.  My season is still going slow but it is going to pick up.   We are getting slammed with snow right now.  That is what I need.  My Pastel Candy male is locked up with a Mojave that has big follicles right now.   I am going to have a good number of het Candy’s and Toffino’s this year.   I will be selling most of the offspring to make my money back.   I think that I should make a good chunk of it back this year.   Well I have to go and move snow so I am out!