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Hatchlings and Eggs

Posted: June 6th, 2013 | News

First I hope that everyone that comes here and reads my blog goes over to my facebook page.  I am putting up pictures of females on eggs and babies that I have for sale there.   I feel that it is a good way to reach people.   I will get babies for sale on this website by the middle of next month.

I have hatched out GHI’s already with my good friend Brad Boa.   Contact either of us as they are for sale.   I know that prices are all over the board on them so contact us and we will get a deal squared away.   We have a cool clutch of GHI to Spider Mojave female hatching soon.   I can’t wait to see what crawls out of there.   I have Super Mojave GHI eggs cooking already.   So wish me luck on that clutch.

I have several Banana clutches cooking and more to be laid.   I also should produce Banana Genetic Stripes and ever possibly Spider Banana Genetic Stripes this year.  My good friend CJ has been banging that project away.   I even have Albino Carpet eggs cooking.   I know something new and different over here.  

I have recently went through some health scares and I have to slow down a bit.   Owning a brewery and having a night job and running a successful snakes business have taken a toll on me.   So this year I might be restructuring the reptile business a bit.   It is time to get smaller or get a building and take on a employee.    Big decision and not a easy one to make.   Either way I want to uncomplicate my life.  I need to personally slow down!   Hope all is well with you and I look forward to seeing my friends at the upcoming snake shows!