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Phantom Potions have arrived

Posted: September 19th, 2010 | News

Things are going great over here and I couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t believe how well the season went. I am almost finished hatching stuff out. I guess one female didn’t want to cooperate on that one as I am getting my last clutch of the season today. I will be hatching out babies in Thanksgiving. That is a late one for me.

I just put a clutch of RDR Phantom Mojave’s or Phantom Potions in the baby rack last week. I got 1.6 of them from one clutch so that is exciting. This week I hatch out some more of them so I can’t wait. They look real cool. I love their colors. I think I am going to hold back at least two maybe three girls for future combo’s. I think that the male is a powerful addition to anyone’s collection.

I have to order another baby rack this week as I have quite a few holdbacks I am working on. I am replacing the singles and normals with all two bangers combo morph females. I have to keep growing the army over here. I have some new additions that I need to show off also. This year has just been great. I apologize that I can’t go to Tinley Park this year. Gretchen is gravid and I need to stay home and catch up on the snake work and controlling Alexis as she is getting into everything!

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