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Posted: August 15th, 2012 | News

I am packing up for Daytona today.   Excited to head out and see some friends and hang out.   I need a break from the crazy thing that I call my life.   Spending time with true friends always makes things better.

I have hatched out some female Banana’s and I will be bringing them to the show.   I have male Banana’s hatching out in the next month.   But I will let you in on a little secret I will have two Banana males at the show for sale.   So come see me one has big size and is a proven breeder.   I will also have tons of Het Candy’s and Pastel het Candy’s and Candino’s or Toffino’s.  I am open to Clown female trades and Pied and Pied female combo trades this year.   So come see me if you have those and want to do some trading.   As always cash is king.

I also just hatched out my first Pastel Lesser Clown male.   Can you say I am stoked.  From a four egg clutch I got two clown girls a Lesser Clown male and a Pastel Clown Lesser male.   It is nice to see some of my luck changing around.   Also the incubator is filling up and that makes me very happy.   I got seven eggs cooking from Banana het Clown to Lesser Clown right now.   Can you say hell to the yeah!    This fall is going to be stellar.  

If you want to see my pictures since I having blog picture posting problems go to my facebook page.   There is a link to it on the front page of my website.