Introducing the Butter SpinnerBlast

Posted: June 16th, 2009 | News

Sorry I have updated the blog in some time. Been super busy. I hatched out two more clutches. I have a few bee’s and another male Queenbee. That is pretty awesome. I bred a SpinnerBlast male to a Butter female and I got 5 eggs. Out of that I got a Spider, Spinnerblast, Pastel Butter and a first for me a Butter SpinnerBlast. It is a awesome new quad combo! There is also a white snake in the egg as well. Don’t ask me how it got in there. I must have put my Queenbee on the Butter at one point. Very cool though.

I got the SpinnerBlast male from my good friend Brad Boa. I was teasing him yesterday I told him that a little WalMart drama over our SpinnerBlast deal made for some good Karma! He laughed. I was going to name the ButterSpinnerBlast Tony but I didn’t. Sorry inside joke. This year is going great! I had a 5 egg clutch from Champagne to Lesser yesterday. I really want a male Champagne Lesser or Kingpagne.

I also had a deal fall through this weekend over someone’s arrogance. I was upset at first and then I spoke to some of my good friends and I found out that this fool did me a HUGE favor. You have to be smart when you invest in the ball game. Some people think that they can corner the market on a particular morph. Let me tell you it never works out. And it just drives others to excel in that program. Just a word to the wise!