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Introducing the KingPagne!

Posted: July 14th, 2008 | News

So today I hatched out so more first. First I have three Champagne’s coming out from my Champagne to Pinstripe clutch! I have two of them out and they look very clean with light dorsal stripe down there back! They have a Pinstripe head pattern so I am unsure at this time. There is one more in a the egg and it looks different from these two that are out so maybe these are not the cross and it will look different then the one that was posted by someone else. I sure do hope so!

Either way I stoked because they were both boys and I can’t seem to hatch them out any male Champagne’s so today is great for that! Then I checked a different incubator and there it was out of the egg. I bred one of my male Champagne’s het for ghost to a Lesser female and I hit on the odds. Introducing the Champagne or the KingPagne! I hope that you like it. I think I have a few more KingPagne’s crawling out this week so I will get more updated pictures for everyone! You know people always try to bring me down I think I get lucky because it is karma paying them back!