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Introducing the Spotnose Banana!

Posted: July 22nd, 2011 | News

Here is the Spotnose Banana.   I just produced it this week.  It was a long week so I needed this.   I have had a good week as far as hatchlings go.   I hatched 2.1 Mimosa’s so far.  I also hatched out some Spotnose males this week.  I hatched out two Banana females also I needed them to fill orders.  I have some great clutches hatching out in the next two weeks.   I think that there might be some firsts in there.  

I have my Super Paint male to my good friend Jim and he said that we have some clutches on the ground.   I am excited about that.  I want to be able to make some Paint crosses in the future.  I need more room I think I am going to have to ask the wife if I can take over the spare bedroom in the basement.   It is the only way I can keep up with a Brad Boa!   He He

I have 10 more clutches to be laid over here and I have some more coming other places so I think I did pretty damn good this year.   I am getting scared as I have been having a good run and I don’t want there to be a year when I do bad.   I know that it happens.  I have been blessed in the fact that I am able to get a lot of females to lay over here.   Maybe next year will be the year I don’t do that good.   I am growing up a lot of females so we shall see.   I have some good ideas about where I want to take my collection in the following years.   I have thought about that more than ever as of late.   I can’t believe that I am saying this but a building sounds really appealing right now.  I would love having the extra space.  Maybe in two years.   I have learned from others that have grown.   Most them don’t seem all that happy.   I like where I am at.  No bills no worries and having fun.   Maybe I should fix was isn’t broken.   Stay tuned for more exciting Banana news.   It is coming!