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June 2015 Blog Post

Posted: June 14th, 2015 | News

Hey everybody I am sorry that I have blogged yet this year.   I know shame on me.   Been so busy with all of the irons in my fire.   I do appreciate all of the feedback and customers who follow me on Facebook.   That is where I sell most of my snakes now.   I just started a Instragram page under BrockWagnerReptiles   so go follow me there also.   I will work harder this year to make sure that my website is more current with what I have going on.   It does surprise me that some of you do come here and read my blog posts and look to see what I have for sale.

The 2015 season is just getting started.   I started late this year for breeding but the eggs are starting to pile up now.   Brad Boa and I have had a great year together.  He did a lot of cool breedings with our Sunset male and we will have some cool het’s and possibly a visual this year.  I will list what we are going to have below for everyone.   I am also excited about our Bamboo project.   We have Bamboo’s on the ground now and more to come.  I am breeding a Pastel Bamboo male at my place and he rocking it out.   Winston and I have the WHS line of Scaleless ball python going on in full effect this year.   So many pairings that I can’t list them all.   Contact me if you are wanting to get into the Scaleless project.  I promise I will take care of you.   I can also make group packages and export them out of the country if you like.

Here is list of what I will have this 2015 season.   Banana Pieds, Banana Genetic Stripes, Banana Clowns, and respective het’s.   There will be some Asus X551CA Charger combo’s in there also.   Sunset het’s, Pastels, Enchi, Banana, Fire, Butter just to name a few.  WHS line SH males and females.   Bananas, Pastels, Fires, Champagnes, Ghosts, Lessers, Genetic Stripes and Clowns.   There will be more I promise.    Bamboo’s in all sorts of combos.   They are hatching now so contact me if you need a Boo.   I will also have Highway’s and come Highway Combo’s.   Banana’s and GHI’s of course in all kinds of pairings.  I am sure I am missing Asus X551C Charger something but please stay in touch and lets make some deals this year.