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Lavenders and Daytona Update

Posted: August 29th, 2008 | News

Well everyone I am back from Daytona. I am playing catch up with everything and also back to work so I am tired! I think that I have pretty much gotten caught back up except I have to get some more rats to feed my snakes. They are all hungry right now and I need to feed them to get them up to size. I am feeding some awesome new males for this breeding season as well so i have to keep food in their belly’s so they grow and get up to 600grams.

I also hatched out 3 Lavender Albino’s and 1.2 het’s while I was in Daytona. These guys are smoking hot. I got three males so that was totally wild. Let me know if you want a male I have one left along with a pair of het’s. Daytona was fun. I went with Matt Fisher and he was great. We had a lot of fun and he really helped out and had my back while I was down there! Thanks bro!

I think that it was super hot in expo this year and that sucked. I can’t believe what Wayne will do to save a buck! I think that attendance was down with the weather and also with the economy. It was great to see friends that I only get to see 2 times a year and some of them just once. I had some good sales as always I wish I did better. There was a old school big breeder who really sold out this year. That sucked. They took all of the Daytona money as people saw the great deals and they jumped on them and then they couldn’t buy anything else. That sucked but hey you can’t control those things.

As always there were deals to be had there. I picked up a clown and a Caramel Glow and a Bumblebelly. I think that was pretty good for me as I have a awesome collection and I was looking to add to much to it. My display and snakes were a big hit and I had a ton of attention more than I have ever had. It almost wore me out! I go to Cali next week for the show so wish me luck hopefully I do great out there! I will blog before I leave and let you guys know some cool stuff happening over here.