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Lesser Clown and breeding season update

Posted: May 26th, 2010 | News

Here is a picture of my holdback female Lesser Clown. She is just awesome and I can’t wait to see her coiled up around eggs. This year I think that I am going to only have one clutch of Lesser Clowns so I apologize I won’t be able to fill the demand.

I have been getting tons of emails and phone calls for Lesser het Clowns and Lesser Clowns and I won’t have them this year. Next year though my male Lesser Clown is going to rock it out. I have my first clutch is going to hatch next week and it is Pewter to Ghost female. I am going to keep all the females from the clutch probably. If I hatch out any males I will sell them.

I also have some exciting stuff hatching out in two weeks. It is going to be a slow year for me but I think it should be pretty exciting as far as hatchlings go. On a side note please don’t email me and tell me what I am going to sell you a snake for. That is just rude and not how I do business. Keep a eye on my available page because in one month there should be some exciting stuff in then there! Thanks for all the Positive Support!