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Look towards the Sunset!

Posted: July 4th, 2013 | News

I have been super busy and I just got back home from traveling.   I been finally hatching out some stuff.   I have had a slow start to the season.   I guess owning to business’s and having a full time job and pretty much drain a guy.   Wow I need two of me I think I could get it all done the way I wanted if there was two of me.   I had a good time going to visit a friend and of course seeing some herps.   I got check in on my BOA collection and see my Albino Carpet eggs that are about to hatch.  Contact me if you want a pair if het Albino Carpets or if you want some Albino’s.   I will get them for you.

I hatched out a Banana Mojave het Ultramel male and a Mojave het Ultramel female.   I am pretty stoked about that.   But I am thinking with it being such a light season for me that I am going to put them up for sale.   I could make someone a instant powerhouse in that department.   Can you just think of think of the Bananan Ultramel and how colorful it is going to look.   I think that t is going to hold its color into adulthood very well.   I have also hatched out some HGW’s and Mojave’s.   So let me know if you need one of those.

I have been having a great hatch year over at the Brad Boa’s.  We have hatched out quite a few GHI’s and GHI combo’s.   We also have some great Lavender stuff such as visuals and a Champagne Lavender male!   Boa is having a great year like usual!   Good for him he has put in the time and effort to make it happen.   He is a great guy and very honest!   We need more like that in the business!

And on that the note I would like to announce our new male.   We got a Sunset male from BHB.   We needed to get in the rarest ball python mutation on the planet so we had to buy him.   I can’t wait to see the Sunset Banana and many more combo’s.   We are extremely happy to have him in our arsenal!   Go over to Facebook and check out my page and you will see him there.  Fresh out of the egg.   I am sure by tonight the haters willl be denouncing the Sunset project and I am already giggling!   The future is bright.