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New additions

Posted: October 20th, 2009 | News

Here is the Banana Pinstripe produced by Will Slough. It is a very cool snake. I can’t get over how the purple just shines like a flashlight on this snake. The future for the Banana project is very bright. The combo’s that are going to come out in the next couple of years are going to be breathless.

I have some many things that I am going to take this project into. I have started to acquire some base morphs that I didn’t have before and some double and triple morphs that I think will blend well with the Banana gene. I know that there are others out there working with them but I want to stay in the front running with the Banana Combo’s. Wish me luck on that one.

It is nice that things are finally starting to slow down. I have two shipments going out this week and that is it. What I a relief. I can’t wait to add up my shipping bill this year. Can you say a new car?? Chris is coming over tonight so expect more photo’s to follow!