New baby and things are going well!

Posted: January 31st, 2011 | News

On early Friday morning my wife had our daughter Kallie Wagner.   Things have been a whirlwind over here and I have this week off from work so hopefully we can catch up on everything.   I can’t believe that I have two daughters now!   It is crazy!   I think that Alexis can start cleaning snake tubs now.   She is two and I think that it will channel some of that energy she has!

The snake business has been going good.   We have had some great sales even though we don’t have much for sale.   People are talking me out of my holdbacks.   That is not good.  I think that the market is doing great.   I have heard from many breeders that people are buying.   I hear that the economy is bad but yet I see people buying and investing money.   Maybe we are rebounding from the recession.   I think that now is the best time to buy because if you have money you are going to get some great deals and then be able to build up a great collection and in the future you will make money from it.   I feel that the snake business is starting to root out some of the bad apples and people are really starting to figure out who they can trust with their money.   This is a good thing.   I have never been a fan of snake mills and I think people would rather do business with a top end smaller breeder.   You will get better service and the individual that you are buying from knows what is is going on with the snake!   I think we are going to see a ton of mind blowing combo’s this year and years ahead coming from smaller speciality breeders.   I say support them!

On the snake front I have had some good breeding’s going on.   My Lesser Clown has kicked in and I will have some good combo’s from him this year and more Lesser Clowns.   I am looking forward to that.   My Mimosa male is doing good and I should make some great Mimosa’s this year.   Of course the Banana’s and Coral Glows are coming.   I have attached a picture of a 2010 Coral Glow Spider male doing his thing.   He is turning out to be a great breeder for me so that is great!    I am expecting more Lavender’s and Lavender Pin’s also.  The Butter SpinnerBlast has finally figured it out so I should be able to produce some great combo’s with him.   The early clutches are definitely going to be Phantom Potions.   My female Mojave’s are glowing right now!   Don’t forget the Ultramel as he will breed your arm off!    I have a female Crider het that is almost gravid from him.   I am sure that they are the same thing and feel that only a uneducated moron would not believe them to be.   I look forward to proving that out  and also show non kinked Ultramel babies.   I know that people won’t believe it until they see plenty of pictures of babies.   I understand I have told quite a few people myself that I don’t believe them without a picture.    Most times they are lying.   It just goes with this industry.   I think that Ultramels are going to replace the Caramel and it is already happening.

Stay tuned I have a special blog that I am going to show later this week.