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New Stuff

Posted: September 9th, 2013 | News

Hey everybody.  I can’t believe that people even read my blog posts anymore.   The industry has changed but I have people contact me weekly saying that they like to read my blog posts.   So hey I will give you some updates and speak about the market a little.

Daytona was fun but the prices were a little shocking.   We made some sales but things were not like they were in the past.   I think that the market is headed into a slow period of sales for the next two years.   I am prepared for it and I have picked up some new snakes to keep producing top tier morphs.   I watch the forums and it does get a little depressing watching people talk about prices getting cheaper on the Banana’s by the day.   I told you all that everyone wanted a Banana four years ago.   Guess what most people did go out and aquire one in some way.   I could write a book on just how people got their Banana’s.   With the advent of the Banana being sex linked and with male maker males the price on males was sure to plummet.   It has become just to easy to produce to them now.   And everybody in the industry put all of their attention on producing them.   We are now seeing those results.   I say weather through it and you will be fine.    I can say new customers buying snakes now are getting a deal and they can buy some cool stuff!

I have Puma’s and Sparks coming.  I think I have five clutches down on them now.   My incubator still has clutches in it and I am waiting on a few more.   I have to break out the ultrasound today and see what is going on.   I can’t believe that the next breeding season is right around the corner already.    I still got eggs cooking.   Man it never used to be this way.   I am hoping for a big next year.   I have some killer combo males that I will be using.   Along with a new morph to plug into my stuff over here.   Boa will be doing a great job with the Sunset project.   We have been getting a lot of inquiries lately asking if we have het Sunsets available.   Sorry we don’t our male is still growing up.   Next year we hope to have them.  

Keep up on my facebook page.  I am posting over there frequently and I am now running weekly auctions on snakes.   Also I put up a new list weekly on there.