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New stuff and babies hatching

Posted: July 13th, 2010 | News

Here is a picture of a baby RDR line Platinum that I just picked up. It is funny that six years ago I would have given anything to have one of these and now I have one sitting in the rack. It is nice but not as colorful as the cool new stuff that we are popping out today.

I just hatched out some double het ultramel ghost’s. 98-349 I think that I am going to be selling pairs of them for $3500 a pair. Let me know if you are interested. I am also adding some Banana’s to the available section on the website so if contact me if you want them! Don’t wait you need a girl to produce a male in the future. That morph is going to stay strong for a long time!

I have new ARS racks being delivered tomorrow so that just means more work putting them in the snake rack. My incubators are now mostly full that is a great thing too! AZ-100 I can’t believe that I was getting a clutch a day for quite some time there in July! I do love the babies. Now I just need to order more feeders. Believe it or not but I am growing this year! I also just got back from a trip to see my good friend CJ Weadick. He opened up a pet store in Jefferson City MO and it rocks. What kind of pet store has Pieds and Pins sitting on the show room floor? I say a damn cool one. I am need to start preparing for Daytona now so hopefully the customers will come this year! Peace out!