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Oh Yeah!

Posted: May 16th, 2012 | News

Here is a great breeding that I had the other day.   It is a GHI male to my Coral Glow Pastel Woma female.   She has great size follicles so this one is going to be a great clutch.   It is going to powerful because if I do make a GHI Coral Glow male he will be a F1.   What that means is when he is bred back to anything all of the none Coral Glow offspring will be males.   So this is a great way to make GHI males.   Especially when I want to plug the GHI into some different morphs.  

I am excited I have few clutches of Toffino’s cooking.   I saw the updated picture of the two year old that he has and I love it.   That is a snake that is going to sell.   Yes there are going to be a  few made but I am excited because all of my offspring are going to be het Candy.   So if I produce normals in the clutch they are het’s.   I guess I will produce Pastels in the clutch also so they too are going to be het Candy.   I think that they are going to sell very well this year.   I have a few more clutches of them to be laid and I have a Albino that is also almost gravid from him.   That will be a very interesting clutch to watch hatch out.  

I have a few other things that are going to pop out late summer and in the Fall.   I will have Banana’s and Banana combo’s later this year.   I am excited about some of them.   One of them is the Spider Orange Dream Yellowbelly female that is about to lay.  I need more Orange Dream stuff.   I have a couple of Banana surprises later this year also.   Oh and Puma production is on track this year.   It is going to be a good Puma and het Puma year.      I will also have some Lesser Clowns and Hidden Gene Woma’s and Soul Suckers this year.   So this should be a ok year after all.