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Phantom Potion’s have hatched!

Posted: May 26th, 2011 | News

I am sorry that I haven’t blogged more.   Things of course have been super busy over here.  I have a ton of things in the works.   I think that my future is going to be very bright!

Anyway I just hatched out 2.2 Phantom Potions and some Phantom’s.  These are RDR line and they make a darker purple potion and the mystic has a more red tinge to it.   That is from what I can see.   I think that the Potion project still has some great legs and I can see some real kick ass combo’s coming with the Potions.  

I have been filling up the incubator and it is very exciting.   I love to look into it and see all of the eggs.   I will posting snakes for sale as they get feeding and are ready to go.  Stay tuned they will be on my available page.   In one month I should have a good number of babies on the ground so if you want a early hatch baby on some high end morphs watch my sale section. 

My breeding season is winding down and that is good.   My males are off of food and tired.  I ultrasounded yesterday and I have few more females that need finishing off.   I hate to see that some of them have went backwards.   I had two Lesser females that went to 10mm and then went back to nothing.   Ouch!   I really wish I could have got them to lay.   There is some other females that are going to lay for me such as a Genetic Stripe that I didn’t think was going to go so there is plenty to be excited about.   You have to love the ulrasound.   I wonder how many people have bought one after talking to me?   I know of about 10 off the top of my head.   Some breeders would say you shouldn’t have told them about it but hey I prefer to be open and honest.   A rare trait in the reptile industry.    Anyway off to go clean snakes as Thurs is cleaning day.