Season Update and a Story!

Posted: June 10th, 2011 | News

Things are going good over here.  I have been busy as usual.  I am also making time for my family as I have two small children and I making a huge effort to spend time with them.   I know if there was only more hours in the day.   I have a incubator that is filling up so that is nice.  I am averaging three clutches a week so that is good for me.  I never wanted to be one of the big boys that has hundreds of clutches.   If I did that I would have to quit my job and rely on the snakes for everything.   Scary I know.   I like how I my level of comfort in my life and I want it to stay that way.  

Here is a story for all the non believers out there that Banana’s and Coral Glows are not female heavy in their clutches.   I bred a SpinnerBlast Coral Glow male aka (Rainbow Banana) my wife named him to a Butter female.   You can see the results of the clutch in the picture.   I got a Pin, Spider and a Lesser Spider and Kingpin and one Coral Glow SpinnerBlast.   Can you guess the sex ratio?   I am sure some of you got it right.   Everything in the clutch is male except the Coral Glow.  It is a beautiful girl!  Weird I know.   I wish I knew that causes it to happen this way.   There is some sex link gene thing going on here.   I am doing a few experiments this year with certain females to see if I might be onto something so more on that later. 

I want to thank everyone for their patience.  I am sorry the Desert stuff is taking so long this year.  Brad is having a late year so we are way behind schedule on the Desert production.   I will have them it is just going to be Fall when I hatch them out.   I am sure that the demand is going to stay high for them like it is.  I have hatched out some Lesser’s het Clown and got lucky and only got one Pastel Lesser het Clown boy.  He is staying here for now.   I also hatched out a pair of het Clowns and Pastels het Clown.   I think that I might keep the Pastel Clown female.   I think I might need her for the future.   More stuff coming out soon!   Stay tuned and again thanks for every one’s support!