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Snow Already!

Posted: November 26th, 2012 | News

3I0-012 dumps is not even December and it is snowing here.  I can feel a better year coming on already.   Last year I had a off year so this year is going to be a lot better.   We are hoping for a big year.  With prices going down I am going to need more product this year.  I have some new males that I am feeding up to breed.  My Mojave GHI male is already around 550 grams so I think he is going to be a go this year.   That is going to rock as I have some special females for him to breed. 

Also my Banana het Pied and Banana het Clown males are almost there also.   I have a army of het Pieds and Pied females now so I am going long on the Banana Pied.   If you like the Albino and Lavender Albino Pied I think you are going to love the Banana Pied.    I added some new genes this year also.   I now have Mahogany and Leopards.   I have a breeder Butter Calico Pastel that is just smoking hot!   I am very excited about what the future might bring.  

I have sold out of a ton of stuff lately.   My friend Chris Zarnick just hatched out a cool clutch of Spider het Ultramels.  He has a breeder Ultramel and he is planning on making some cool hets this season with him.   I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.   I have just a few things left for sell.   Some Banana het Ghost males and one Banana female.   I have one Banana Enchi male left and he is  a female maker.   Talk about rare there.  There are a lot of male makers out there but female makers are still rare.  

I am going to go through the Banana genetics again.   I get asked this question all the time.  So here it is updated on my blog.   I still love all the experts and internet Commando’s that have a say in this.   It makes me laugh all the time.  Oh and for the record.   Banana and Coral Glow are the same mutation.   Just like Butter and Lesser.

You start with a female Banana 1Z0-060 dumps.   It can be any female Banana and it doesn’t matter how she was made.   You breed her to any male a normal a quad it doesn’t matter.   She lays eggs and the offspring from her clutch can be any ratio.   You can get 3 male Banana’s or 3.2 Banana’s it doesn’t matter because a female Banana is just like any other female morph ball python.   The males that come from her are female makers.   They will make 98 percent female Banana’s when breed.   Now you can get a male out of the first clutch as we have seen twice this year already but it is rare.   Once you get a male from one of those clutches they then are male makers.   I have seen male makers make males and then those males are breed and they also make males.  The genetic puzzle switches with these male makers and they make 98 percent all male Banana’s.   I know it is crazy but it is the truth in both Banana’s and Coral Glows.   I wish it was not this way or we would not have seen all of the male Banana’s this year.