Some ovulations and more developments

Posted: April 8th, 2009 | News

I have had more ovulations since the last blog. Here is a picture of a Yellow Ghost ovulating bred to a Champagne het Ghost. It got me thinking. I paid $2000 for her in August of 2005. She is just now giving me her first clutch ever! That just goes to show that the reptile business is not a fast return sometimes.

She should make me some Mimosa’s and Champagne het Ghosts. That will more than pay for her and her room and board for the last 3 years! I am just saying if you are are investing in ball pythons or reptiles in general it takes time and patience. But the rewards are great once you get there!

Sorry about my ramblings! It is still looking like it is going to be a good year. I did a breeding loan with someone with my Lavender Albino project and it looks like we are going to have some cool stuff. I should have Cinnamons het Lavender, Lavenders and Pinstripe het Lavenders. I can’t wait. Oh and I forgot once small clutch of Piedbald het Lavenders. Going to hang on to that one!

I am also going to give my customers a heads up and let you know what I am going to have available this year. I will have Lessers, Pastel Lessers, Spider Lessers, Queenbee’s. Also Fires, Firefly’s, Genetic Stripes, Caramels het Ghost, Double het Caramel Glow pairs, Spiders, Pastels. Also I will have Lessers het Clown, Lesser Clowns, Champagne’s, Champagne het Ghost, Champagne Ghosts. There might be more such has LemonBlasts, SuperBlasts, Killerbee’s, KillerBlast’s. Maybe a few other things as well. Please keep me in mind when you are shopping for your ball python this year!