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Spider GHI hatching out and new stuff

Posted: November 3rd, 2012 | News

I OG0-091 dumps
just hatched out a Spider GHI male.   I liked the Spider Mojave GHI that Chun hatched out earlier this year.   I think that this Spider GHI male has some good potential.  This is my second to last clutch of the year.  I have my last clutch hatching out next week.  I am hoping to hit on new Banana combo with it.   I guess I did have a Clown female ovulate and she is going through her pre egg lay shed.  She was bred by a Banana Spider maler maker.   I think that is going to be a powerful clutch.

I just put a bunch of snakes on my Facebook page.  Go check them out.   If there is something there you want please contact me.   I have some cool hatchlings right now.   I am going to put some on my website here today aswell.  I am willing to take some trades on cool stuff for some things.   I am looking for a new Honda Accord right now so let me know what you have a newer one that you want to trade for some high end snakes.   I also like assault weapons so if you got some Heckler and Koch or a FN SCAR heavy contact me I need one of those.   Anyone who knows me knows that guns are a huge passion of mine.  

RC0-C02 dumps Back to snake talk.  I am not going to start breeding this year until January.   I just got in another ARS rack and got to expand into a new room.  Gretchen is not happy.  I have so many holdbacks that I want to raise up for the future that I needed the space.  Some people are down on the market and saying that we have reached market saturation but I don’t think so.  People are going to have to figure out how many snakes do they want to take care of and sell eachother as the prices come down.   I am figuring out my new business plan as we speak.