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Starting off the season

Posted: December 9th, 2009 | News

Here is a picture of Orange Dream Yellowbelly female that I picked up from my good friend Ozzy! She is a real looker in person and I can’t wait to grow her up! She rocks and I can’t wait to see what the Orange Dream project brings in the future.

Well I have started the breeding season. All I have to say is it is not going well this year. I think it is going to be a light year for me. I should have expected it as last year was so great! I made a real mistake by selling to many males and not holding onto them! I need to tell people no when they are waving the money infront of me! I have a ton of 09 males that I am raising up. Hopefully I can get them to go this Spring. I am counting on it!

My best male being my SpinnerBlast Coral Glow is growing like a weed. I think that he is going to breed this Spring I can feel it. Stay tuned for a future Blog post on people’s foolish thoughts that Banana’s and Coral Glow’s are different! Marketing kills me!